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Book Of Inus

Introducing the book of inus ($BOIS). A Solana based meme token that has emerged to unite all the dog meme communities together.

This book is the the treasure trove for all the powerful dogs to join together to bring joy and wealth to all its canine friends!


The cats have had their turn, it's time to bring back the $BOIS. The OG meme dogs which started the memecoin revolution. Book of Inus is a culmination of the past decade of dog memes. Many have attained generational wealth from them and we aspire to do the exact same.

$BOIS is about bringing together all these communities under one umbrella. Imagine $DOGE, $WIF, $BONK, $SHIBA whales all joined as one family. We are symbol of prosperity and community power. Who let the dogs out?

Book of Inus is a symbol of audacious dreams and steadfast dedication. Its narrative has just begun, promising a journey of perpetual innovation and boundless potential. Join us in this revolution of dogs uniting together for one goal, a moon mission.

How to buy $BOIS

$BOIS is on Solana Chain and is available to up for sale during the presale on Pinksale and once it's live on Raydium. Don't miss out the next 100x Solana Memecoin, get yours today!


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Why Choose $bois

We are going to be the next 100x $bois token and the next 1000x MEME token frenzy on Solana Chain.

SOL chain is going bombalistic through this Meme Frenzy.

$BOIS is built upon the SOL-Chain which rotates and revolves around DEX, not controlled by any entitiy.

Solana network has garnered huge credibility on the blockchain industry proven to provide transparency, security, and immutability.

FAQ faq

You can get in early and purchase some on our Presale at Pinksale or trade $BOIS on Raydium DEX once its live.

Yes, $BOIS will be listed on most major worldwide exchanges.

Book Of Inus

$BOIS: Your ticket to fortunes and boundless joy, encapsulated within the pure effect meme-token celebrating Books' global bois-sings!

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